Architecture studio specialized in the comprehensive management of rehabilitation projects, as well as new construction, developed from the study prior to the end of work.
We also offer technical advice on energy efficiency in buildings and intervention in cultural heritage.

Integral Gestion of projects:

Energy rehabilitation of the envelope (façades, roofs, party walls, exterior carpentry…), as well as the renovation of thermal installations of multi-family buildings.

The objective is to improve the hygro-thermal behavior of the building to avoid and/or eliminate interior condensation, leaks; reduce the demand for heating and cooling, obtaining greater interior comfort and lower energy consumption.

Rehabilitacion energetica de edificios

Design of single-family homes adapted to the needs of the client, the economic and environmental conditions and the urban planning possibilities.

The objective is to achieve a well-built, comfortable and efficient home in which the client is comfortable and satisfied.

Vivienda unifamiliar

Reform and rehabilitation of homes to adapt them to the new proposed needs and/or to improve habitability conditions.

The objective is to meet the expectations raised by the client, through an effective design that allows us to achieve new practical and pleasant environments.

Reforma y rehabilitación de viviendas

Renovation of commercial premises to adapt them to new uses or to renew and improve current conditions.

Through a creative design that enhances existing possibilities, the objective is to create new spaces that help generate the optimal qualities for the business to be developed.

Adecuacion de locales comerciales

Renovation of buildings to eliminate existing architectural barriers.

The objective is to achieve, as far as possible, an accessible route from the outside of the building to the inside of the homes, to allow adequate use by older people or people with reduced mobility.

Accesibilidad edificios

Technical consultancy:

Advice on energy efficiency in buildings.

If you have doubts or queries regarding how to improve the thermal conditions of your home or the building where you live, to improve its efficiency and save on your energy bill, do not hesitate to request our help.

Advice on architectural interventions of the cultural heritage built in Asturias.

If you want to know the possibilities of intervention in a building that has some type of heritage condition or you want to know if it is affected in any way, do not hesitate to request our help.